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Eco Valley – how to do CRM in a public company ?
November 16, 2008, 4:43 pm
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ABC about company

Waste management on the range of business activity of the Communal Union “Dolina Redy i Chylonki”, has been given to Eko Dolina. The Communal Union associates seven neighboring municipalities: Sopot, Gdynia, Wejherowo, Rumia, Reda, Kosakowo, Wejherowo municipality (about 400 000 inhabitants).
Communal Union „Dolina Redy i Chylonki” was established in 1991.

Tasks of the Communal Union

· Water supply of municipalities,
· Receipt and waste water treatment,
· Central heating,
· Waste management system,
· Ecological education and information,
· Maintenance of order and cleanness,
· Environmental protection – air, nature and soil,

In this range Union performs public tasks instead of municipalities. The Communal Union together with municipalities is co-owner of three companies:
· “PEWIK” Ltd in Gdynia, which operates in water management system
· “OPEC” Ltd in Gdynia, which operates in (heating system)
· Eko Dolina Ltd in Łężyce.

System MIX associates organizational, legislative and educational activities for implementation of modern waste management system.

Customer Relationship management

As a company is built on capital of local municipalities, its main customers are people who live there. The main aim of customer relationship policy is maintaining good relations between local people and company which area of activity like collecting garbage may be onerous for inhabitants living near to that place. That is why company decides to do a pro public policy which main aspects are:

Activities for Łężyce

In addition to the statutory tasks of the company, Eco Valley has taken and is taking a number of investment for the residents of Łężyce. These activities aim to raise standards of living and improve the ratio of local communities to business.
In February 2000 an agreement was signed between the municipality Truro, and the Department of ECO VALLEY.
Under the agreement with residents of Łężyce in April 1999 Eco Valley has committed to:

1. Construction of rural roads in Łężyce over a distance of 600 – 800 m, the road will be reinforced, asphalt with the necessary infrastructure (shoulder, culverts, etc.). The local roads will determine the conduct of land-use planning.

2. The organization of municipal waste water treatment system from the site of Łężyce. Was planned execution of the sewerage network with a length of 4,000 m from the discharge of waste water treatment plant to “Dębogórze” by collector sanitary Department VALLEY ECO.
3. The construction of deepwater wells supplementing the existing mains water-supply system.

4. Implementation of the modernization and complete the street lighting continuous part of the village Łężyce in length to 800 m.

5. Building of pitches, changing rooms and the playground

6. The modernization of the existing bus stops and building new ones in the quantity of 9 pc

7. Implementation of planting greenery interest (green areas, hedgerows) and building ecological corridors with a total area of 7.7 hectares.

8. Routing and pre-compression of roads over a distance of around 2,300 meters – as described in the draft plan for the management of spatial strings

Ensuring and implementing:

1. Systematic monitoring of the environmental tests of air, water, land and ensure access to the inhabitants of the examinations and their results – a task performed on a regular basis.

2. Maintaining the environment Eco Valley, Łężyce and rural access roads in the purity and order, as well as assistance in organizing winter road maintenance No 1404G – a task performed on a regular basis.

Improve the situation in the social field:

1. Giving priority to employment in Eco Valley of residents of Łężyce.57 people are employed.

2. Taking over the period 1999 – 2001 graduation rates, improve job training for residents.

Funding social courses for local people :
– Exchange service cash registers – individual training,
– Exchange of drivers of vehicles equipped – trucks driven by combustion,
– Courses support the Windows NT operating system, word processor Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 2000, and the Internet,
– The school of modern offices for secretaries, administrative staff,
– A course entitled. “Human resources, payroll, social security,”
With eighteen courses have benefited residents of Łężyce, so to increase their professional abilities and become more attractive in the labor market.

3. The granting of local operators within the limits permitted the public procurement law, the priority in obtaining contracts during the construction and operation of Eco Valley, in terms of services and works financed from national resources.

4. Providing a free collection and disposal of solid waste from residents of Łężyce (as at 30.04.1999r.) Throughout the duration of the operation of Eco Valley.

5. Propose a change in the name of BET in such a way that will not be used in the determination of associate village Łężyce waste management.
Announced a contest to change the name of the Association. Settlement of the competition is the name of “Eco Valley.”

6. Making donations to the Association of Residents of Łężyce – a task performed on a regular basis.
Eco Valley forward Residents Association of Łężyce measures to achieve the following objectives:

– Promoting measures in the sphere of environmental protection – an organization point of information, together with access to the Internet
– Other statutory activities.


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